Old Haunts

by Nachash

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"Nachash explores themes of flora and fauna in his work. A juxtaposition between the mundane and the beautiful coalesce to represent the transitionary states that occur in natural phenomena. By bleeding the present with the past and the inevitable future of the flora and fauna, a new, more permanent digital vision is realized and the temporal nature is removed."
-Krista (MFA grad (written in a coffee shop at 3pm on a Tuesday))

"I often sit alone in my car, eat fast food, and listen to jimmy eat world's "futures" album at full volume, all while mentally listing every regret I've ever had...finding Old Haunts will never be included on that list"
-Derek (after asking if he could borrow my headphones "for awhile")

"(Nachash) is like a cross between amon tobin, casino versus japan, boards of canada, tycho, mmoths, and baths, but more new-wave post avant ambient drone. When I'm listening to this I don't know if I should wait for the drop or just go back to my favorite owl city album for my monthly dose of electronic music. I think I like it but, I can't find any choruses to hum along with, or any catchy lyrics to hold on to, and the soundscape is too wide for my laptop speakers, shouldn't this be in like a movie or something...? I've got a friend in china that would love this."
- Wade (while taking a break from minecraft)


released August 27, 2014

Mastering: Christopher Leary (of Ochre) at Melograf Mastering



all rights reserved



electronic dreams,
rhythm, patterns, and symmetry
floating in the mind's eye

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